I found answers to questions I had asked doctors for years

I worked with Amanda for 12 weeks after attending her free health consult.  I had ongoing diarrhoea, sleep problems and a lack of energy.  I also wanted to be free of the pain in my gut and I wanted more energy.

Amanda is truly devoted and passionate about assisting women to lead a healthy life.  She gave me new recipes and I found answers to questions I had asked doctors for years.   


I set goals to improve my health, andI now know what food to eat and how to cook in a healthy manner.  I sleep well, have improved digestion, drink more water and I’m kinder to myself.  I very much want a future that allows me to be the healthiest I can be.

In the past I was prone to ‘falling off the wagon’, so Amanda helped me to develop strategies to avoid this happening.  I now journal, set intentions, ask for support, and I eat yummy fruit and vegetables.

Thank you Amanda.

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