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Sleep Well by Tweaking Your Nutrition

This free eBook is all about feeding your body the right fuel that helps sleep, and adopting important new habits to also help you get a better nights sleep.

I hope this ebook is a turning point for you towards great sleep.

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The thing about sleep is that without it, pretty much everything else in your life goes to s**t. It is so important, yet in today’s world we are all trying to fit more in and this means we sleep less.

A few years ago my brain was almost on alert for 24 hours a day. I was wired during the day, and during my sleep I was thinking and sleeping at the same time. I guess I managed about three hours of actual sleep each night. This went on for weeks. I never felt rested, I couldn’t think properly, couldn’t remember things very well. I ended up with adrenal fatigue, which spun my life out of control.

There are two fundamental things that we need to get right in our lives: sleep and hydration. When we are not getting the right amounts of either of these the body becomes unstable.

The immune system goes down and we become vulnerable to viruses and declining health. If we have chronic sleep issues we lose brain function, and problems arise in the digestive system, liver, adrenals, and nervous system. The good news there is help, starting with this concise and action oriented little ebook.

Hi, I’m Amanda Bigelow, Food as Medicine & Lifestyle Practitioner, Author, and Speaker.


I work with high achieving women who have come to a crossroads with their health. I help them to heal their bodies, get more energy, and create a long, healthy, and productive life.


I do this through my online courses, my three high support individual transformation programs, and through my small group health transformation programs. All these paths provide different levels of body and emotional healing with changes that are transformational and bring about long-term results.

Amanda has a lot of knowledge in the areas I wanted assistance in, and I loved her approach of ‘food is medicine’. In the three months of working with Amanda, she taught me to listen to my body, and she solved health issues that had plagued me for three years that no doctors could solve.

Amanda helped me to heal myself from a serious neurological illness, to lose weight, and to make life changing choices with food in order to live a long and healthy life. Thanks for all your professional and compassionate caring of me. You got me a long way down the path I needed to take.

Ready to Sleep Well by Tweaking Your Nutrition?

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