I work with the Medical Medium knowledge to help women to recover their health.

The Medical Medium knowledge is about using specific foods for specific health conditions that help the body to return to health. I also use specific herbs and supplements for all conditions. Using foods, herbs is a safe way to help the body to recover its health. The body knows how to heal, our job is to give it the right foods, herbs and supplements and it will heal.


Many people are looking for natural and safe ways to heal their bodies. It started with cancer years ago and now people are searching for a form of natural healing. I work as a practitioner who uses the Medical Medium knowledge to help women who are looking for natural and safe ways to recover from chronic illness.


What is the Medical Medium Knowledge?


The Medical Medium protocols include foods that help the body to heal that is largely plant based including:


  • all vegetables, (especially leafy greens)
  • a wide range of fruit
  • sprouts and microgreens
  • herbs and spices.
Medical Medium Knowledge

Within these food categories, there are specific foods that will support chronic illness recovery such as: autoimmune diseases, diabetes, conditions related to the liver, skin, heart, kidney, digestive system, endocrine system, immune issues, arthritis, neurological issues and much more.


There are also foods that should be avoided and they include:


  • foods that contain preservatives
  • Dairy
  • Eggs
  • Gluten
  • Pork

People with chronic illness often have digestive issues and are not aware that eating the above foods can lead to increased inflammation in the body.  I find that women’s health will often improve by just removing the foods that are high in fat, (dairy and fatty animal protein) and have additives in them such as preservatives.

Why women are looking for natural ways to heal their bodies

This way of helping the body is not like taking medications, where you can become stuck taking them for years.  I have taken them and thankfully got off them 4 years ago.  Medications do help to alleviate symptoms such as pain and inflammation, yet many of them don’t help the body to heal.

Some medications can also cause complications such as weight gain and other symptoms. It can be like swapping one problem for another problem.  Because of this, women are choosing to opt in for health recovery by using specific foods, herbs and supplements, whilst slowly go off their medications.

The goal for most women is to heal their bodies over time, get their energy back, and go onto live a full life without disease.

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