Hi, Amanda here.

I've created this program for women who want help with their own health, and to also gain strength and insights from others .

A small group provides both individual and group experiences that can help with overcoming your symptoms. It 's a great way to learn, heal, and share a new journey with like minds.

I love the dynamics of a small group to gain greater strength to help beyond our own difficulties.

Come join me with up to six women in a shared eight weeks of heartfelt journey towards better health.

The waitlist is Open Now and I'm giving a 30% discount for the first 5 sign ups.



Are you ready to heal

and adopt nutrition that nourishes your body?

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How this program works

Over eight weeks, you’ll meet with me individually, and then together as a group which I facilitate. You get the best of both worlds – one:one with me, and the collective wisdom of the group.

Before we get started you’ll submit a health intake form for me. to analyse and give you direct feedback plus a clear plan forward.

Let me break this down into the what you get over 8 weeks:

  • Four x 20-minute one-on-one consultations with me where you will expand your health and have notable improvements.
  • Four x fortnightly discussions with the group to learn even more and where I can answer all questions.
  • Membership in a private student FB Group for student communications, questions, and where I also will provide extra support.
  • Handouts, Recipes, Meal plans and a copy of my book about women’s health.
  • PS: I work with both physical and emotional health. So we have that covered. I’ll share some powerful meditations, and ways of building strong healing attitudes.
  • A few laughs and surprises are also on the cards, as healing can have a lighter side.


This is a great opportunity, and its only


Normally priced at $597

Certified Health Coach

About Amanda


Amanda is a Food as medicine practitioner, Certified health coach, Intuitive healer, and Author.  


She also works with the Medical Medium healing information for both physical and emotional health issues including autoimmune, anxiety, weight gain, brain fog, all digestive issues, neurological conditions and mystery illnesses. having reversed several of her own conditions with this fantastic way to move on and grow a greater


In 2009 Amanda was diagnosed with thyroid disease and several other conditions. For years, all she could do was manage her symptoms with medications.  


Through using food as medicine and cleansing she has healed her disease, liver, and other related issues. She has also conquered several emotional conditions arising from the physical conditions.  


Amanda shares her healing methods that are safe and effective with women all over the world.

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