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Hello and welcome,

I'm Amanda Bigelow, Food as Medicine Practitioner (FullBodySystems),Certified Health Coach, Intuitive Healer, and Published Author.

In our 35-minute consultation our time will focus on your health. It starts with you telling me about your main health concerns. I will listen intently and take a few confidential notes so I can help you to understand the cause of your problem/s.

Following this I'll provide you with some important health strategies to use straight away. This will get you started in taking powerful steps towards your healing.

If you are looking for more help I can also provide you with information about my services.

Book your free confidential Health Review, and take the next important step towards getting your health and energy back.


Have you been too busy or distracted to look after your health?


Maybe you’re someone who is always helping others, or attending to chores and jobs that others in your family, life, or work could do instead.


We know that women tend to put others before themselves and then get rundown, sick, or develop some kind of symptoms. Their nutrition, sleep, and hydration suffers, and then fatigue sets in.

I was like this, and I crashed bigtime from stress and overworking. It cost me a lot of downtime, but I learned a great lesson about stress.

This lesson was so important that it led me to become a health practitioner to help women like me. It became my calling to support women with compassion and knowledge about food-as-medicine so they could heal their bodies and get on with their life.

Over the past 8 years I’ve helped several hundreds of women and men to heal their bodies, and go on to look after their health themselves for the longer term.

When you get clarity about what’s causing your symptoms and then learn about the right ways to help your body to heal; you health and life begins to change. 


Book a free 35-minute Health Review now, and get started with turning your health issues around. 

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Meet Amanda

Hi, I’m Amanda Bigelow, Food as Medicine Practitioner(FBS), Certified Nutrition Health Coach, Author of Powered by Health, and Speaker.

I work with women who have come to a crossroads with their health. I help them to heal their bodies, get more energy, and create a  healthy and productive life.

I do this through in-person consultation, high support transformation programs, my two online courses and small group health programs. All these paths provide different levels of body and emotional healing that’s life-changing and can bring about long-term results. 

Are you ready to understand your health conditions and begin the journey to heal your body?

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