How I managed to recover from an autoimmune disease

I started my health practitioner journey in 2013, partly to help me and others like me.


Everything started with an autoimmune diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in 2008.  I was told that my immune system was confused and was attacking my thyroid. Not knowing any difference back then, I followed the path of medication and was left to believe that I would have a lifetime condition.  For seven years I took steroid medications that kept me in a statistical range of managing my illness, yet not recovering.


Fast forward to 2015, a dear friend recommended I read the Medical Medium book by Anthony William. From this point onward, everything changed. 


I learnt the truth about what had caused my disease, and how to heal from it using specific food, herbs, and supplements.  This wonderful book turned my life around.


I was so energised by this knowledge that I joined the Medical Medium Global Practitioner Group where hundreds of practitioners were all using this knowledge in their own practices to help women, men and children to recover from physical and mental illnesses.


Within this group, Anthony William, was able to support us on the monthly basis through answering many of our questions.     


A big turning point for me personally was when I went off my medications in 2017 and said goodbye to my autoimmune disease.  Today, I continue to help many women to improve their health.  

Why do women come to me?

Many women come to me after many years of chronic illness, and having taken strong medications for cancer, autoimmune and other diseases.  At this stage they are looking for support and guidance in how to change their diet to help them recover:  They are looking to recover fully by using food as medicine


I always explain the true cause of their symptoms as this is really important. Then, I guide them through one of my healing programs, providing them with knowledge and support.  When they work with me, they learn how to recover from their own disease by using very specific food for their conditions. 


Natural healing is a wonderful restorative process, and involves eating fabulous clean foods that totally support the body to return to health over time. 


However, it does involve changing habits, and eliminating some foods that hinder the healing process.  So many women have had long term illness, and this usually means they have withdrawn from an active life. I gently guide them in ways to start the process, and slowly moving into a new lifestyle supported by a new healthy body.

The main principles to know and experience when recovering from chronic illness

  1. You are bio-individual – This means that each person’s body is unique and will have a different healing pathway to another persons. If they have been ill for a long time, it will take time to heal. When starting out with natural healing, it’s important to do so with support and guidance to provide experience and confidence down the track to continue the journey towards gaining full health.
  2. Create a relationship with your body – We tend to take our bodies for granted whilst they quietly perform miracles every moment of the day; our body are our temples. When we adopt food as medicine, we start to see our bodies differently. We see our body as something to love and nurture. This is very powerful, and it changes our habits from taking our bodies for granted into establishing an intimate relationship of love and care for our bodies.
  3. Knowing the root cause is 50% of healing. When we know the true, cause we can act. And when we act, change comes, and we recover over time and move on in our lives. Healing from chronic illness requires knowing the true cause of illness. I provide this knowledge for all my clients when they join me in one of my programs.
  4. Become your own health advocate. Unlike going to a doctor and getting a prescription, food as medicine requires making permanent changes in your diet. This can happen slowly or fast, depending on your commitment to your health. One of the biggest impediments to getting results is ‘cravings’. Cravings for fatty foods, cakes and sweets, alcohol, coffee and a few others, can lead to returning to the past foods that were harmful or not supportive. This has set many women back or on a yo-yo type of experience.
  5. Learn what nourishes you, what makes you thrive, and what to avoid. This is the whole key to my healing programs. I equip women with all the knowledge and experience with the foods, herbs and supplements, and the results over time enable new habits to replace old habits. With this we have a transformation and a new improved lifestyle.
  6. Change behaviours step by step: It is critical to form new habits over time so they are solidified, and so that women don’t jump backwards to old habits. Going forward in small steps also prevents overwhelm and stress.
  7. Connect with nature: Nature is a great healer. When we go into nature through gardening, walking or exploring in nature, we are in harmony with all the systems of nature – plants, animals, flowers, bees, butterflies, the sun, the clouds and so. Nature is our cousin or our mother, and whichever way you look at it, when we tap into her, our bodies and our minds are helped.

We are now entering a new era where we must also help nature as she struggles to stay intact.

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