I'm a Food as Medicine Practitioner and Certified Functional Nutrition Health Coach.

I support women to make the changes that will enable to them to recover from illness, and go on to live a healthy lifestyle. I use the Medical Medium® knowledge and both my academic and intuitive training and experience to guide me.

I help women recover from serious chronic illnesses such as:

  • autoimmune diseases
  • immune related diseases
  • cancer
  • anxiety, depression and PTSD
  • weight loss
  • neurological diseases
  • removing viruses and pathogens from the body using the Medical Medium knowledge
  • reversing premature aging
  • Diabetes and digestive issues
  • Heart related illnesses
  • Most conditions
Certified Health Coach

Emotional and Lifestyle Help

As a certified Health Coach, I support women with their emotional well-being, especially if they have been sick for a long time. I gently guide them in a step by step way to learn how to recover and maintain healthy nutrition over the long term. 


Having compassion and deep understanding enables me to truly help women to recover from physical and emotional health issues. 


Compassion came to me from having had several serious health issues over the years.  


I was unable to work for some time, spent a lot of money on doctors and the like, yet still I didn’t heal until I found the Medical Medium® knowledge and fully adopted it.  My journey has equipped me to fully grasp the pain and loss we feel when we have chronic illnesses. It bring us down.  

Growth and Change

I have also been able to turn pain and loss into growth and change.  For many this may seem difficult at first. For me, sitting in nature and contemplating over 12 months, enabled me to build my knowingness to a powerful level. 


Knowingness is an essential tool in my work with women.  I am able to know what health knowledge is best suited to help through my intuition, and what food, herb or supplement will help women for each of their symptoms.

My Book: Powered by Health

My book called Powered by Health contains help for physical, emotional, and lifestyle issues.  Many women say that buying this book was ‘the reason they decided to work with me’.  “Amanda’s book never leaves my bedside table” Leonie.


As a certified health coach, food as medicine practitioner, and intuitive healer, I have a level of experience that can help all women to deal with their health concerns.  Adding on to the ground breaking Medical Medium® knowledge, and I’m confident that my knowledge is advanced and helpful to all women, men and children. 

The Big Issues

Today, chronic illnesses are growing in number and in severity. Medical science is at a loss to solve them and offer only medications. Yes, they are making some breakthroughs, yet there is little funding for chronic illnesses.

Obesity is right out control. I often feel like the odd one out amongst others because I am my correct weight. Much weight gain is attributed to a slow or sluggish liver. Our livers are not built for today’s onslaught of toxins and pathogens that are entering our bodies from the intensifying industrial development.  

We all must turn to wellness and to finding the answers to our debilitating diseases.  

I stand as one who has found those answers in the Medical Medium® knowledge and health knowledge.  As a food as medicine practitioner, I offer food that is medicine, wonderfully nutritious and supports each of our bodies no matter how young or old we are.  

If what I say sounds intuitively right for you, book in for a Free Health Review to find out more about your health and what you can do to finally get better here https://amandabigelow.com/calendar/

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