The key supplement for liver health

Did you know that there are over 200 symptoms in the body that come from a sluggish liver? Did you also know that there is no early test to find out if your liver is sluggish? The earliest test is ‘Pre or ‘Fatty liver’. Also, you can go on functioning normally for quite some time … Read more

Bloating, gas, and other digestive issues

Sibo is a name for an unknown pathogen, when the real culprit is a bacteria called Streptococcus sp. It’s a common superbug, and easily picked up via door handles, and touching other things. It’s really only a problem if we have other health symptoms, or have had to take antibiotics or other medications. Strep feeds on undigested … Read more

Healing foods for anxiety

 Have you noticed that stress and anxiety are a bit like a common cold these days? Everyone seems to be catching it in some way. Something is going on, and there are two ways we can approach this – by working with healing modalities for anxiety, and importantly, working with foods and supplements that help to … Read more

7 causes of cravings

 Cravings occur for a wide range of reasons.  What foods do you crave? What is missing in your diet and/or life? What actions do you take when craving some food or thing?  Here are seven common causes of cravings:  1. Dehydration – can cause mild hunger, when what you need is water instead of food.  2. Low nutrients – … Read more

Why Food As Medicine?

 People ask me what does ‘food as medicine’ and ‘intuitive healer’ mean? And ‘what is it that I do exactly? These questions contain a lot of clues as to how you can structure your own health and life.  In my practice ‘food as medicine’ means using very specific foods for very specific conditions. This is the … Read more

The Road Less Travelled

Pause. Have you ever thought about how this single word can be used in your life? Recently the word popped into my head, so I paused and thought about it. We all know that life is difficult and full of challenges. in his book ‘The Road Less Travelled, A new Psychology of love, traditional values … Read more

Does our health correlate to the health of the planet?

 The health of people and the health of the planet is linked.  In this case, I am talking about environmental pollutants such as heavy metals – mercury, copper, lead, cadmium, aluminium and a few others. Then there are pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, dioxins, old DDT, preservatives, plastics, formaldehyde, viruses esp. the herpes species, bacteria, and medications.  These are … Read more

Is plant-focused diet the answer to climate change?

 This is may be controversial for some.  ‘New plant-focused diet would transform planet’s future, say scientists’ in the Guardian article yesterday. This article is pointing to the idea that a ‘Planetary diet would prevent millions of deaths and avoid climate change’  Now, there is a global move towards halving the amount of animal protein people eat, especially … Read more

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