Anytime Detox Cleanse

A three-week gentle detoxing and cleansing program especially designed for women.

As a Food as Medicine Practitioner, I am your cleanse guide and chief supporter to help you have a great and effective cleanse.

Being alive today is not like it was 10, 15, or 20 years ago. The truth is that there are more toxins penetrating our bodies from living in an advancing industrialised world of increased pesticides, fungicides and other ‘cides’, pharmaceuticals, DDT, heavy metals, viruses and now plastics.

Our livers have to store and process this and they are struggling to do this.

Chronic health diseases are growing such as obesity, diabetes, autoimmune, cancers and cardiovascular disease, (World Health Organisation and others).

To be healthy and prevent disease today, means taking action for our health in more specific ways, and this includes cleansing.

Cleansing is important for your liver, adrenals, digestive health, and for the whole body.

Cleansing helps to remove toxins and pathogens; and helps to restore the liver, and enable all the bodies systems to rejuvenate.

It’s never too late to take care of your liver and the 7 systems within your body. Cleansing:

Ready to Get Started?

“It’s clear that Amanda truly cared and wanted my health to improve. She shared her knowledge and wisdom and I learnt new ways in improving my health which I have implemented to my daily routine. She generously shared her resources such as what foods to eat for my symptoms and delicious recipes which have also helped. I am glad that I found Amanda.”

– Maria Sutera

Why should we Cleanse


Cleansing is pretty much something we all need to do now, and I have made it easy for you in this little cleanse. Each person can choose from a light cleanse, or a deeper cleanse.  My cleanse enables both first timers and experienced cleansers to choose the level of cleansing that is right for their body and lifestyle. 

The other great thing about this cleanse, is that you can easily add more cleansing foods to your normal diet after you have done the initial 

cleanse. Your normal diet can improve just by adding a few of the recipes here and there.

This Cleanse is for 3 weeks and includes:

PLUS four great bonuses:

Start the Anytime Detox Cleansing Program Anytime, Anywhere at your own pace!

For more details about the curriculum, click here. Once clicked, scroll down to the bottom and you will find the curriculum.  

Amanda’s detox Cleanse is fantastic. I felt so good, physically and mentally afterwards and despite the heat, my energy levels and endurance has soared. My joints feel better and my cramps have minimised. The eating pattern is easy and delicious so I am going to keep going with the essentials for a while. I found Amanda’s videos were clear and informative and I have a whole new understanding of what happens to all that passes my lips!

Thank you Manda. “

– Bloss Hickson

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About Amanda

Amanda is a Food as medicine practitioner, Certified health coach, Intuitive healer, and Author of Powered by Health: The high achieving woman’s guide to health, vitality, and a new life full of possibilities.

She also works with the Medical Medium healing information.  Amanda had the good fortune to be a part of the Medical Medium’s former Official Practitioner Group, where she was able to learn first-hand from him.

Through cleansing and using food as medicine she has healed her disease, liver, lost weight, and healed many more related issues. She has also conquered several emotional conditions arising from the physical conditions.

Amanda shares her healing methods that are safe and effective, with women all over the world.


“I found Amanda whilst I was recovering from severe burnout from years of stress. Amanda has a lot of knowledge in the areas I wanted assistance in, and I loved her approach of ‘food is medicine’.

She taught me to listen to my body, and she solved health issues that had plagued me for three years that no doctors could solve. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone suffering ill health, or wanting to learn how to live a healthy and happier lifestyle.”

– Naomi


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And start the journey of looking after 'your wonderful you'.

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