Hello, I’m Amanda

I work with women and men who have come to a crossroad with their health. I help them to:
  • adopt nutrition that nourishes their body
  • lose weight without dieting
  • overcome chronic stress in their lives
  • get their sleep back
  • improve digestive health and chronic illnesses such as autoimmune
  • make lifestyle changes
I work in practical, step-by-step ways, that are transformational.  If you work with me, you will  heal your body, get your energy back and learn how to  create a long, health productive life.

Does that sound like the new you?

My Journey

Before becoming a Food as medicine Practioner I had a long career as an environmental professional who specialised in behaviour change. I helped people all over the world to build a healthy planet through restoring rivers, soil, and managing their lands sustainably.
That all sounds great, but lurking in the background were the seeds of living a life out of balance.  I was a driven, over achiever who thought little about my health. As I reached my forties I ran into problems from work related stress and developed chronic adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems, and food intolerances.   Unable to work for several months, I focused on my own health transformation. My downfall was a blessing in disguise that led me to my true purpose: to help women to heal, and create healthy, productive lives.
The women (and men) that I work with come to me with low energy, high stress, and are generally unable to move forward in their life. The small problems in their life and work have become bigger and they are suffering.
Through listening intently and finding the root cause of their problems,  I am able to guide and support my clients to gain their energy back and systematically transform their health and lives.

What would your life be like if you had clear thinking,energy and joy every day?

Power by Health Front cover
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My Training

Badge smallerI am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach,  Full Body Systems graduate, work with the Medical Medium Protocols, am a member of the Medical Medium Official Practitioner Support Group,  have a Bachelor of Applied Science, and expertise in behaviour change.
If you are struggling with your health, you are not alone and you can heal.  With incredible foods, support and commitment to a new body and life, you can do it.  Many of us have.
For more information leave me a message on the contact page. 
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