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The Seven Dilemmas
Women Experience
Around Wellness

Learn the reasons and things that keep us from making our health a priority.

What you will find inside 'The Seven Dilemmas Women Experience Around Wellness'


The seven dilemmas that women experience around their health are the reasons and things that keep us from making our health a priority. They often cause us to ignore conditions or symptoms we might have, and that then leads to further deteriorating health.


The Seven dilemmas relate to the busyness of our lives, where we are moving from one thing to the next thing constantly. They happen when self care falls away. They are things that we all need to be reminded about. Just knowing them helps to bring us back to our centre of clear and calm thinking: then we can act with love for our bodies and our minds.

Hi, I’m Amanda Bigelow, Food as Medicine & Lifestyle Practitioner, Author, and Speaker.


I work with high achieving women who have come to a crossroads with their health. I help them to heal their bodies, get more energy, and create a long, healthy, and productive life.


I do this through my online courses, my three high support individual transformation programs, and through my small group health transformation programs. All these paths provide different levels of body and emotional healing with changes that are transformational and bring about long-term results.

Amanda has a lot of knowledge in the areas I wanted assistance in, and I loved her approach of ‘food is medicine’. In the three months of working with Amanda, she taught me to listen to my body, and she solved health issues that had plagued me for three years that no doctors could solve.

Amanda helped me to heal myself from a serious neurological illness, to lose weight, and to make life changing choices with food in order to live a long and healthy life. Thanks for all your professional and compassionate caring of me. You got me a long way down the path I needed to take.

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