Does your home first aid kit consist of bandages, panadol, bandaids, flu tablets, tweezers, etc?

I have this plus another one that is super important and can be used daily and when traveling.

It’s all about strengthening your immune system to avoid and to stop colds, flues and other viral and bacterial infections when first detected.

Zinc is mostly deficient in everyone on the planet. We have lost it from our soils and therefore our food. It is a very powerful immune builder.

Liquid zinc is great on a daily basis, and can also be used as shock therapy to stop a cold or flu if used when a virus is first suspected.

As we all know vitamin C builds the immune system if taken daily. It can also be used in higher doses when a virus comes on.

Silver Hydrosol is also a great immune builder to be taken, and as a disinfectant that can be used in small a spray bottle on door handles in planes etc.

If you do get sick and with a virus or bacterial infection, Golden Seal can be very helpful in the very early stages.

I am also known for using specific foods for building the immune system.

What if any, do you use to build your immune system?

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