For many years the understanding of genius has been understood via IQ, remarkable achievement, or winning a nobel prize.

Back in 2004 I came upon a brilliant researcher – Mary-Elaine Jaconbsen, Psy.D, who wrote The Gifted Adult.

She conducted some incredible research which outlines what constitutes an everyday genius:

A potential for Advanced Development which includes Humanistic Vision, a Mandated Mission, and Revolutionary Action that together result in Evolutionary Intelligence.

Does this sound to you like what is almost required to be alive in our world today?

Humanistic vision relates to seeing the world an having a commitment to the collective good that is rooted in spiritual values and the oneness of life. Mandated Mission relates to resoluteness, inner-direction, and an uncompromising goal orientation consistent with a purpose. Revolutionary Action relates to the ability to take actions beyond the accepted norms – a dream made real, quiet or loud.

Maybe this part of genius fits with you. I see this everyday in more people than I did in 2004.

Do you think we are evolving into this way of being nearly 20 years on?

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