What is happening when you’re tucked away in bed and the house is silent except for ringing, popping, vibrating, or a buzzing sound in your ears. The more you listen to it the more distracting it becomes.

Sometimes it seems louder and more persistent. Maybe you also hear it during the day if there is no other background noise.

It could have been there for a long time and it really doesn’t worry you, or it might have only recently shown up.

Perhaps it’s not a huge drama in your life, so you just put up with it and keep on going.

This is called Tinnitus and here’s what causes it according to Anthony William, in his book called the Medical Medium.

It’s usually caused by the Epstein Barr Virus that gets into the inner ears’ nerve channel.

What’s going on is the virus is inflaming and vibrating the labyrinth and the vestibulocochlear nerve. This relates to strong sounds and often more than one at the same time.

Lesser forms can result from just the neurotoxins it creates that gather around the ears nerves.

Other noises such as fans, machinery etc can change the texture of the sound in the ear, and you may find that it gets worse at the end of day.

It can be quite difficult to live with and the virus can be causing other issues such as pain in the joints, fatigue, an autoimmune diagnosis, and more.

More sleep and rest can help the inner ear to recover.

However, the virus can be causing other problems in the body such as autoimmune disease and other nerve and neurological issues.

There’s a lot we can do to remove the virus from our body with food, herbs and supplements.

If you haven’t spoken to me before, it might be time to book in for a free health consultation and learn some more about your health.

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I would love to help you out with this, or any other issue you are experiencing.

Go well and stay calm in these times.

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