Did you know that there are over 200 symptoms in the body that come from a sluggish liver? Did you also know that there is no early test to find out if your liver is sluggish? The earliest test is ‘Pre or ‘Fatty liver’.

Also, you can go on functioning normally for quite some time before even knowing your liver is not functioning properly. Until one day you put on weight mysteriously, or get a skin condition, or nail fungus, heartburn, or high blood pressure. The list goes on.

The reason there are so many symptoms attached to a liver not working well is that the liver’s job relates to all systems in the body.

I know that Gut health is all the rage, yet if we focus on liver health we help everything.
The most important supplement for liver health is 500ml of Pure Celery juice each morning on an empty stomach. It helps the liver, stomach, gut, pancreas, gallbladder, and all the bodies systems. It is remarkable, safe, and effective.

Is this something you could try to see if it helped you?

I have a two-week program called the Anytime Detox Cleanse wherein I have prepared recipes, videos and a complete checklist for you to prepare for the the cleanse. It is perfect for clearing your liver, gut, all your body systems and even your mind. I personally do this detox whenever my body needs a reset. This course is available for you anytime, and you can get it HERE.
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