Sibo is a name for an unknown pathogen, when the real culprit is a bacteria called Streptococcus sp. It’s a common superbug, and easily picked up via door handles, and touching other things. It’s really only a problem if we have other health symptoms, or have had to take antibiotics or other medications.

Strep feeds on undigested particles of food within the intestinal tract. Once fed, it creates ammonia gas which floats upwards and causes reflux, belching, and bloating.

As for “leaky gut”, this term is incorrect. Nothing is leaking into your body from your gut unless the gut was pierced by something, and that would mean a trip straight to hospital.

Finally, most parasites are benign. It’s only the rare dangerous ones found in African lakes that can be a problem. Yes, worms exist, and Candida can get a bit overgrown, but only when there are other issues going on in the gut.

Strep is the most likely culprit for many digestive problems. But there is one more huge issue at hand and that is: Having a slow or sluggish LIVER.

The liver is tied into around 200 symptoms in the body. That’s a huge indicator of the need for us to look after our livers’. The liver gets sluggish because it accumulates toxins, pathogens, heavy metals, solvents, adrenalin, old DDT, and more over the years.

Once it slows down the digestive system is impacted, especially the production of bile and Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) which in turn contributes to bloating, cramping, reflux, and more. So when the gut is playing up, helping the liver is key.

A big takeaway is think help the liver to repair, and eat more leafy greens that help the intestinal walls to clean up.

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