Have you noticed that stress and anxiety are a bit like a common cold these days?
Everyone seems to be catching it in some way. Something is going on, and there are two ways we can approach this – by working with healing modalities for anxiety, and importantly, working with foods and supplements that help to heal anxiety. Working with both is the way to go.
Here are some healing foods for anxiety that I turn to (recommended by the Medical Medium):
Apples are ancient food that comfort us and are a brain and liver food.
Avocados help us find our way back to our source of being.
Apricots help to calm us and tone down skittishness and nervousness.
Berries are wonderful for people who feel unsure, distracted or mixed up.
When you consume these foods with a clear intention of knowing they can help, you will feel emotionally supported.
For more, see the book: Life Changing Foods by the Medical Medium.

Sleep and hydration play big roles as well. When we are not getting the right amounts of either of these, the body becomes unstable.

The immune system goes down and we become vulnerable to viruses and declining health. If we have chronic sleep issues we lose brain function, and problems arise in the digestive system, liver, adrenals, and nervous system.


If you think you are experiencing this, I have a free mini e-book about feeding your body the right fuel that helps sleep, and adopting important new habits to also help you get a better nights sleep.  Click here to learn more.

We all need emotional support at times. How do you feel about the idea of adding specific foods into your daily nutrition that are delicious, life giving and healing foods?
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