Cravings occur for a wide range of reasons.
What foods do you crave? What is missing in your diet and/or life? What actions do you take when craving some food or thing?
Here are seven common causes of cravings:
1. Dehydration – can cause mild hunger, when what you need is water instead of food.
2. Low nutrients – if your body is missing essential nutrients you will crave them.
3. Seasonal – In summer people crave cooling foods, in autumn foods like onions, nuts and squash and so on.
4. Lifestyle – If we are listless, bored, unhappy, or stressed we can attempt to fill the hole with foods. It takes fortitude to actually deal with the problem instead of often turning to unhealthy foods.
5. Hormonal – this is common for women and is due to fluctuating hormones and brings on unusual cravings.
6. Foods that remind us of our past – we often develop a craving for foods from our childhood. You can experiment with these again.
7. Yin-Yang imbalance – If we eat too much of one food this can cause an imbalance and a craving to eat the opposite type of food.
Food cravings are messengers that tell us something about our bodies and lives. Can you identify your cravings?
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Alexandra Lindsay

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