With anything stress or adrenal related, adrenal fatigue is what we all refer to these days.
Adrenal fatigue is when we have overused our adrenal glands over time. We know this when we either wake up feeling exhausted, get exhausted after lunch, and then pick up energy around 8pm. These are the signs.
We can also have adrenal fatigue without really knowing it.
We frequently use adrenalin to keep us energised when we experience ongoing stressful situations. The issue is that adrenaline becomes addictive, and we often don’t realise because we feel really good.
If you are in a situation of loss or difficulty, it’s hard to stop the adrenaline running, so protection of your adrenal glands is super important.
You can:
Eat healthy snacks every few hours that support blood sugar. An apple, dates, and celery stick are ideal together.
Rest more and don’t overdo the exercise.
Get some really good herbs that support adrenals.
You can learn more about your adrenal health by going to https://amandabigelow.com/cortisol-tracker/ where I discuss further how our lifestyle, sleep and even blood sugar could cause our adrenal fatigue.
I would love to know if you have you ever had to deal with adrenaline issues. And if so, how did you deal with it?
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