The health of people and the health of the planet is linked.
In this case, I am talking about environmental pollutants such as heavy metals – mercury, copper, lead, cadmium, aluminium and a few others. Then there are pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, dioxins, old DDT, preservatives, plastics, formaldehyde, viruses esp. the herpes species, bacteria, and medications.
These are all supposedly processed endlessly by the liver. But there is so much to process now that nearly everyone has a liver that struggles to do so. Ultimately the liver becomes sluggish and symptoms start to appear that are often not associated with the liver, such as high blood pressure, many skin conditions, weight gain and many more symptoms.
Everything has a history, and this potent and interacting concoction stems from the onset of the industrial revolution and is found in clothing, food, drugs, the atmosphere, and in most products.
Loving the convenience of modern life means that most people are unaware of how saturated we are. Yet, when we look closely at the history of many health conditions we get more truth about what is happening, and then we can make informed decisions.
Have you taken any steps to identify any of these in your life and home?
In my book “Powered By Health”, I have discussed how heavy metals may affect underlying condition we are currently experience. You can download a free chapter here.
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