How do we actually transform our habits to ensure our own personal health insurance? And why don’t we find it easy to do?
The way to change habits permanently is to do change in a ‘step by step’ way by crowding out certain habits versus the next new trend that promises all. This could be for addictive habits like too much coffee, alcohol, cheating sleep, or pushing your adrenals by working too much.
Small deliberate steps are achievable and tend to progress along a trajectory towards permanent change.
You know what it’s like to start a new diet and find you do it for a few days then give up on it.
One good way is to do one thing that is important for 28 days. Just go day by day and see how it goes.
Let’s say you might want to lose a bit of weight. Well you could add in some foods that really help the liver, and in turn helps you to lose weight. You could add apples and more fruit, plus the wonderful white potato, more sweet potato, and pumpkin.
The liver loves glucose not fat. We give it glucose when we increase our fruits and veggies.
I love crowding out a habit with something healing, exotic and delightful.
My coffee substitute is Chaga mushroom tea. This is a major immune system builder and detoxifier that strengthens the adrenals and the liver.
I heat water in a pot, add one tsp of Chaga powder with a pinch of cinnamon. Wait for it to near boil, then add to your favourite mug with a tsp of raw honey. You can make it as latte by adding a non-dairy alternative instead of water.
A best way to help you transform your habits into a healthy lifestyle is to start a detox cleanse. I have a two-week program called the Anytime Detox Cleanse wherein I have prepared recipes, videos and a complete checklist for you to prepare you for the the cleanse. I personally do this detox whenever my body needs a reset. This course is available for you anytime, and you can get it HERE
What’s your secret to changing habits you no longer want?
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