There’s a lot of hype about health today with all kinds of diets, trends, and remakes of generic ways to heal or improve your health, energy and weight loss.


Many of these diets and new trends work for a while until we find that all of our old patterns return, and life becomes a yo-yo existence of finding the next new promising health trend that will finally work.


I have learnt that the only long-term way forward is to follow a simple set of principles that will work for you now and always.


Here they are:


We are all Bio-individual or unique and there is no generic solution that will ultimately work for us.


We can develop an intimate relationship with our own body through experimenting to find out what works and doesn’t work.


If we have symptoms – knowing the root cause is 50% of healing. That’s huge!


We can actively participate in our own wellness, and not expect doctors to fix everything for us. We can collaborate, learn and ask considered questions about our health.


We can learn what nourishes you, what makes you thrive, and what to avoid.


It helps if we change our behaviors step by step to secure a new habit of health that can lead to a long lasting health transformation.


I want to share with you a video about the art of contemplation, and how nature helps me be in control of my habits and behaviour.



Connecting with nature as it is the great healer. Nature and us humans both resonate at 6.5hertz. When we go into nature, we are helped.


I would love to know your thoughts on any of these principles.

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