About 90% of the world, people are walking around dehydrated. This is crazy, not good. It clearly suggests that it’s really easy to get dehydrated, and once you are, the damage is done.

Poor hydration affects all the bodies systems, yes all, and can impact your daily wellness, contribute to chronic health conditions, and weaken the liver.

Here are a few easy ways for improving hydration.

1. Morning – 500ml of warm lemon water

2. Continue to drink most of your water in the morning, less in the afternoon and less again in the evening.

3. Coffee dehydrates, no coffee in the afternoon. Better still give it up for great herbal healing teas.

4. Take unsweetened coconut water, fresh fruit, leafy greens, more raw foods each day.

5. Don’t be fooled. you can feel hydrated when you are dehydrated.

Let’s get hydrated and stay that way. In this picture are some of my favorites, including the lemon juice. I will be sharing these recipes real soon! 🍋🍹


To be healthy and prevent disease today, that means taking action for our health in more specific ways, and this includes cleansing. I have a short 2-week course for detox cleansing that you might be interested in.

Detoxing is important for your liver, adrenals, digestive health, and for the whole body.  To know more about Anytime Detox Cleanse, click HERE.

Are you ready to start a hydration shift for your body?

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