How to Make Your Body Happy with Hydration

About 90% of the world’s people are walking around dehydrated.  This is crazy, not good.  It clearly suggests that it’s really easy to get dehydrated, and once you are, the damage is done. 

Poor hydration affects all the bodies systems, yes all, and can impact your daily wellness, contribute to chronic health conditions, and weaken the liver. 

 Here are a few easy ways of improving hydration. 

 1.  Start the morning first thing with 500ml of warm lemon water, and then stay hydrated throughout the day.  If you want to be extra hydrated have another lemon water in the evening.  

 2.  Continue to drink most of your water in the morning, less in the afternoon and less again in the evening. 

3.  Coffee will dehydrate you, so aim not to drink it in the afternoon, and drink less if you are already drinking a lot of coffee.

 4.  The best forms of hydration are lemon squeezed in water, filtered water (home or work filter), carrying your own full water bottle, unsweetened coconut water, fresh fruit, leafy greens, more raw foods (cooked food has far less water in it), and drink at least 2 liters per day.

 5. Hydration can be tricky – you can feel hydrated when you are dehydrated,  especially if you have been that way for some time.

Let’s get hydrated and stay that way.   

Are you ready to start 2019 with a hydration shift for your body?

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