There is so much I want to share with you here about the best way to grow your own health that it won’t all fit in one article.  There will be another.  This is for busy, high achieving women and men who are taking on so much in life that there is flat out not enough nourishment in their lives – food and joy.

My first area of study after school was horticulture. I was young and didn’t know what I now know about the life of plants and their role on this planet.  Horticulture was fun and easy to learn because I loved plants, but the most significant part of this diploma was getting to grow my own food in a small plot on campus.  This was the beginning of a lifelong love and a desire to really grow my own food and nourishment, and share it with others.  When I developed chronic health conditions it became imperative to eat organic, and this led to a firmer decision to grow my own food properly.  Now I have created the way to do it even when I travel a lot.

It was in 2015 when I decided that growing my own food was possibly the single most important thing I could do for my health and wellbeing.  I am going to share with you WHY and HOW you can do this with huge benefits, ease, and enjoyment.

You can grow your own food:

  • and save money
  • to eat by the seasons, planting different coloured foods which nurture your body in profound ways through important phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.
  •  to expand your knowledge, and love of the easy beautiful gardens you can create
  • and use your daily tending in the garden as a meditative practice.  This is very exciting and I believe does impact the growth of your food.
  • to experience health that is nutritionally powered by the freshest, safest food you can obtain on the planet
  • that is 100% organic (no certification needed)
  • that is infused with your love
  • It is brimming with colour and fun. Heritage vegetables are like flowers in a garden
  • that is picked just before cooking and tastes amazing and goes crunch
  • in a small space and still, reap the rewards
  • that is shared with neighbours and friends – Giving.
  • and that can lead to a growing community of people who do the same and share their produce and assistance.

WOW! You can do this with the kind of ease and joy that you did not know existed.

Green thumb or not.  Anyone can do this – your kids in your absence, and friendly neighbours to assist and share your bounty.

Growing your own food whether it be herbs, vegetables or fruits – or all of them, is without a doubt one of the best things you can do for your health and wellbeing.

The 101 of growing home-based food starts with:

  • building a bed or a pot of herbs or easy quick vegetables such as lettuce, kale, even tomatoes, and herbs.
  • getting a compost set up for your vegetable scraps, a worm farm is useful too.
  • getting a good book on growing food.  Spend some money and time to buy a book that is creative and practical at the same time, and that suits your situation.   My first vegetable book was a simple one with the basics.  This is all available on google now.
  • My second book was about growing a potager garden – a garden that is both beautiful and bountiful.
  • The most important thing is to know what grows in your area/region and to build the soil to the right mix of organic matter that will support healthy plants.  You can build this up over time and as you learn.
  • You will get bugs on your food, but this is a great learning about the soil and the quality of your plants.  Your soil is like your microbiome – you have to look after it, the bugs are either good, bad or neutral and you need to build the good ones and keep the bad ones in check.
  • Finding a friend who grows food and learn easy steps from them, and then swap ideas and produce.
  • Finding a community garden and get involved if that is easier for you.
  • Thinking about your health and the health of the planet, and your children.

I am sorry to say, our world is becoming more and more toxic with heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, stress, anxiety and more.  Chronic health conditions are epidemic and attack us in multiples.  Chronic Health diseases are the biggest challenge, cost and most dangerous path we are on in right now.

I believe, and know that growing your own food provides multiple benefits your body, mind, and spirit.


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