Meditation? Yoga? Mindfulness? Thoughtfulness? Giving? Unity? even Politics?

Are we growing in consciousness? Have we reached the bottom of the human descent barrel? Are we starting to climb out?

What really matters is that all these modalities, except for politics, are starting to reach into our hearts and minds. They are not new, have been around for a long time, but perhaps their time has come.

I feel for the first time in years excited by humanity because I see the slithers of enlightenment coming into us, and it gives me hope for our planet.


In a modern context, meditation can be active, passive, take five minutes, take 30 minutes or even 24 hours. There are so many ways to meditate. I have encountered at least 15 different ways to meditate in my 16 years of practice. At times I have ceased to meditate but having experienced the benefits of it in my life I have always come back to it. In this blog, I want to share five different ways to meditate that fits with your lifestyle.

I believe that if we are clear we don’t need to meditate for a long time. I also believe that it is great to take a break and do an extended retreat once a year to guide your thinking and actions throughout the year.

Here are my top five lifestyle meditations

1. Starting point

Before we launch into mediation it is a good idea to set things up in your home, your schedule and in your mind around developing a lifestyle meditation practice.

I recommend that you:

  • Organise some playlists of music for meditation. I like soothing for going off to sleep, Inspriational and soaring for times when you need a lift, and to reconnect. High frequency works well, so do many scores from films as the music is perfectly crafted to influence the viewer’s emotions.
  • Set up you own private space for your own time with mediation. It could be with a high cushion near your bed, a chair in a spare room. Just make it something that turns you off ‘busy’ and ‘thinking’ to ‘calm’ and ‘relaxed’.
  • Think about what your style of meditation is, or might be. A bit like exercise, find some ways that suit you, not what is the latest thing. It doesn’t have to be the ‘Om’ version or the chanting version. It can be what ever gives you meaning and inspiration.
  • Download an application that does meditation and try that.

2.  Make some affirmations

Three is a good place to start. Write them, draw them as a symbol or a picture, and then post them on the mirror, fridge or dash of the car. Focus on them intently as much as you can throughout the day. Use them to meditate on. See them in your mind and hold a focus on them.

3. Three simple meditations 

  • Use your guided meditation via an app. Use it in your meditation space either lying, sitting on a chair, or on your cushion on your mat.
  • For 15 – 30 minutes sit with your eyes closed and practice observing your thoughts and your body. Just that. This will help you to still the mind chatter and become more present.
  • Use your affirmations to focus on my intently looking at them until you are absorbed in them and feel a strong connection.

4. Mini meditations

Once you have the hang of it you can try mini meditations throughout the day. At lunch time or even when you go to the toilet. Spend a few minutes focusing on an affirmation, a thought or image that represents what you meditations are about.

5.  Join a meditation group

This is a great way to start to get into meditation and to meet others with the same interests. Try things that seem fun. Dancing meditation is pretty cool if you like music.

That’s it. Try it, be open to experiencing something new, and don’t judge what happens during your experiences.

PS:  Remember, no need to embellish, just keep your mind simple and open.




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