This post is a bit of a deep moment I wanted to share with you; one I think about often, and one that I can often lose track of.

I know we all struggle with aspects of being alive today. We all try to hide our struggles and put on a brave face. This isn’t good or bad, it just is, and sometimes we slip into a holding pattern around the things we hide from.

Our life here is not very long, and when we are young we don’t realise our mortality, and then we quickly find we are getting old.  The problem is that by the time we realise the wisdom of our own life, it is likely to be too late to use that wisdom, and then we are faced with regrets. What about when we lose someone and realise what we could have said, been or done with that person?

A few weeks ago a dear friend of mine passed away. She was an extraordinary woman of enormous talent and love for the world. There was a time in our lives when we were like two peas in a pod, living, laughing and enjoying our lives. Her passing has opened the gates and flooded me with memories that have given me pause to reflect.

There is this one question that spurs me on and makes me jump out of bed to create my highest possible response to the day: How are we to live while we are here? What prevents us from living our best life? I don’t know all those answers but maybe together we can spur each other on.


Do we spend too much of our time in self-obsession about how we look, or think, or about who is hurting us, who likes us, and all the mistakes we have made?

Are we plagued by thinking about those we cannot forgive for something they did? Do we face our lives squarely to make it a meaningful life, or are we just surviving each day and telling ourselves we are living well?

Do we secretly harbor huge fears about who we are, and how others see us?

What do we know is real about our lives, and what is not real?

What do we place huge importance on, and what do we place less importance on?

When do we listen to that little voice inside us that stands up for us quietly, while the other big voice tells us we are stupid, or not good enough?

These are questions that I am thinking about and I thought might interest you.

I stand for creating super health, living long with vitality, and for joy and aliveness, but it took me many years of suffering and pain to arrive at this point. Now I have the chance to make the next 50 years of my life the best years. It’s not about a bucket list, although that might be part of the journey. It is something much deeper, it is about expressing all that I am, and being a loving and giving human towards myself and to others in as many moments of my life as possible.

To do this we need fortitude and courage. And to hold it we need to observe ourselves and self-correct when we become small and mean, recognising that smallness is not who we are, it is merely the remnants of a developing human, who is evolving.

Look at Nature

Look at nature. It is constantly evolving, disrupting and growing. This is where nature can be our teacher because it is less complicated, and can be a mirror of us. We are not apart from nature if we were, we wouldn’t be here on this planet depends upon it.  All of life on earth is nature and nature shows us something important about ourselves. Among many things, it helps us to be humble and open to seeing how we are in the world and suggests that we can do and be more.

What if you could get in a special kind of helicopter that went upwards high enough for you to see our beautiful and endangered planet and all of the brilliance of humanity and all of the fear and undeveloped parts of humanity? Would you be sad, would you feel blame, would you feel angry about stuff? No, you wouldn’t. You would have an entirely new perspective; literally, about the planet, your life, and all of the people in it.  According to thousands of people who have had a near-death experience, there is a new perspective that one gets from their that experience that propels them into a whole new life when they come back to their life.

My other question is: How do we open our minds to living, loving, doing and giving as a way of being instead of something that occurs in crisis. I have pondered this long and hard for years. We all get tears in our eyes when we see people on television helping others in crisis. Why do we only do it then?

If these times we live in are not enough to show us what is needed of us I don’t know what is.

Understanding the bigger picture of life can be the potion for renewing us and filling half-empty hearts and minds. We have to cease living our life according to others and find the beauty and fascination with all that we can be. Let this be a new creed for our times.



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