There is no doubt, health and wellness is a burgeoning movement today. Every few months there is a new development in food, technology, ideas, and choices. In this article, I offer my thoughts on a few of the top trends that are here and emerging today.

Trend 1:  Bio individuality 

Each of us is unique with our own life history, experiences, and genetic predisposition. Therefore, not all foods, health trends, and approaches are going to suit us all. There is a saying: “ What is one man’s poison, is another man’s healing”. I follow that approach and know it to be true for myself and others.

As a health coach, I research, investigate, and trial all products, foods, and information that I recommend to people. Most importantly, I detour around all the health hype, and I help women to get in touch with their bodies to learn about what makes their bodies thrive. I then help them to get in touch with their minds and spirits so they are completely connected to all aspects of their health.

Here are a couple of tips on how to find out what your body likes nutrition wise

  1. Start by finding out more about the unique body that you have. Learn about what it thrives on and what it doesn’t. The easiest way is to keep a food/mood journal for a few days. Record what you eat and drink, along with your corresponding mood, energy levels, and any reactions you get after eating certain foods. The gold nugget of information from this is to find out if you have any sensitivities to food. The most common are gluten and dairy.
  2. Once you get the evidence of a symptom that seems to pop up every time you eat something, you can then run an experiment by removing that substance from your diet to see what happens. For example: taking wheat out of your diet can make a remarkable difference to your energy and health. But don’t just believe me, experiment and see for yourself. You might be surprised to know that there are about  200 different symptoms that go with gluten sensitivity.

Trend 2: The Human Microbiome revolution, and Gut Health

It’s true, there is an amazing revolution happening and it’s all about the Human Microbiome. Like our genome, it has been mapped and we now know a great deal more about how our gut and the microbiota that live in our gut, and on our bodies work to keep us healthy. See: www. http://hmpdacc.org/ for more information.

We are learning that many diseases can be prevented through maintaining the health of our guts, and through looking after our microbiome.

There is a lot of information out there about foods to add to your diet to help create healthy bacteria in your gut. This includes raw fermented foods, probiotics, kombucha, and others. These are all great for maintaining and strengthening an already healthy gut. However, if you have a compromised gut it is always best to get more detailed information from tests, and from a practitioner who knows about the correct foods for your situation. For example: in many cases, fermented foods on top of candida overgrowth is not useful, and can actually add to the candida problem. There is an order in which certain foods should be ingested, depending on what our individual circumstances are. Likewise, with probiotics; there are many different strains that help with our conditions. Taking a general probiotic can help, but it all depends on what is going on inside you as to what is going to help you best.

Trend 3: Detoxify

Detoxifying our bodies have been around for some time. I remember the liver cleanse that started back in the 90’s. Now the detoxification process has become more sophisticated and includes body detoxing as well as mental and emotional detoxing. I believe that this is driven by the fact that our bodies are becoming more toxic just as the world we live in is becoming more and more toxic. There is so much more information about chemicals in food, heavy metals, pollution, electromagnetic frequencies from electronic devices, and toxins in beauty products, and in household cleaners. We are becoming more aware of the toxins in our world.

The developing trend is for us to ‘detox’ at least annually to prevent the body from building up in toxins and placing pressure on our organs, especially the liver, gallbladder and the intestinal tract.

Trend 4: Eat a low inflammatory diet

I love this development. It is based on the premise that there is silent inflammation in our bodies that is the primary cause of disease and death. The Mediterranean diet has been popular for some time and is a good place to start with reducing inflammation. Silent inflammation is as it sounds – it is the oxidation that is occurring in our cells due to the harmful foods and substances that we are putting into our bodies. The other kind of visible inflammation such as that from an injury is different and serves a purpose in the healing process of that injury.  Whereas, silent inflammation is something that quietly erodes our health. There are guidelines for eating a low inflammatory diet. Dr. Andrew Weil is a champion of the anti-inflammatory diet, and his website: http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART02012/anti-inflammatory-diet is a great place to learn about this way of eating.

Trend 5: Meditation

This is a brilliant trend because it doesn’t mean sitting for hours chanting or devoting your life to being a monk. There are all kinds of ways to meditate. Once you know how you can do it for five minutes or less. It is actually not the length of time that you meditate, it is the quality of your meditation that makes all difference. For the past 17 years, I have practiced all kinds of different forms of meditation depending on my situation.

There are retreats for meditation and this is a great way to start. One of the most recent health revolutions is around mental health. Stress, anxiety, and mood disorders are very common and meditation and breathing are all age-old traditions that are coming alive today to help those conditions. Again, each of us is different. Experiment with different types of meditation styles, and know that mindset and our mental health is a very important part of our overall health. Both our mind’s and physical health is connected, and each impacts on the other in a positive or negative way.

Options for health are flourishing today, and it is indeed an exciting time to be alive. The underlying approach that suits us all is to experiment and establish what works best for us. Get trusted advice and help where needed, and live your life with the knowledge that great health powers your energy, vitality, and productivity.

I will be covering these trends and more in my new book, due for release later this year.  Contact me at ab@amandabigelow.com to be notified about the release of my book.  






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