Do you skip breakfast because you don’t have time in the morning, or you don’t feel hungry until later on or are you just not a breakfast person? Do you find that you run out of energy throughout the day and feel tired in the afternoon?

My mother always told me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. I kind of believed her but never really followed through until I learned more about nutrition, energy, and keeping the body in a healthy condition to avoid getting sick. Today, I live by the practice that food should be both yummy and nutritious most of the time, and occasionally food can be whatever your heart desires.

I live this way because I want to create the maximum amount of energy for my body, brain, and mindset to power me through each day. I also want to protect my body from all of life’s toxins by giving it the best nutrition. I don’t want to diet, worry about my weight, or be dragged down by not feeling my best. That’s why I set my day up with a great breakfast.

Here are my three top energizing breakfasts to make you strong and healthy.

Sautéed Vegetables with Extras

Here’s a meal with healthy carbs, protein, healthy fats, and spices to lower any inflammation. This breakfast is a complete nutritional start to the day.

This recipe feeds one person. You can increase ingredients for more people, and you can add different veggies to suit the seasons and your tastes. Aim for a rainbow of veggies. Cooking time is 15 minutes.

Ingredients (organic if possible)

1 tbsp.of unrefined coconut oil to start the cooking

Half a cup of chicken bone broth, stock or water. Add this to the pan throughout the cooking.

One chopped red onion, or 3-4 chopped spring onions

One large chopped tomato, or two small ones

Half a zucchini diced

Half a large carrot diced

I chopped leek

A giant handful of baby spinach, kale, or other greens

A good handful of sprouts

Fresh herbs: either basil, parsley or coriander

One-quarter tsp. each of ground cumin, coriander and turmeric (CCT). This helps to reduce inflammation.

Salt and pepper

Two poached eggs (you can leave these out if you are adding meat or don’t like eggs)

Extras: Cooked quinoa, Avocado, chili, squeeze of lime. You can add cooked turkey or bacon if you like.


Add oil to a pan over medium heat. Fry the onions for a couple of minutes, add a touch of broth or water Add the bacon pieces if using.

Put the eggs on to poach in a separate pan while onions are cooking

Keep adding the broth or water throughout the cooking

Add the zucchini and carrot and leek first. Cook for a few minutes.

Add the chopped tomato, CCT, and sprouts. Add quinoa, diced cooked turkey meat if using, and cook a minute longer

Add the greens, salt and pepper, and herbs and cook through lightly

Serve hot with the eggs on top.

Berries & Banana with Coconut Cream and Walnuts, add two Boiled Eggs

A fruit and protein meal with loads of antioxidants, and healthy fats. This is quick, easy, and good for summer.

Ingredients (organic if possible)

I heaping cup of either fresh or frozen berries

Half a cup of coconut cream

I handful of coconut flakes

I handful of chopped walnuts

2 boiled eggs


Add the berries to your favorite bowl

Wait to thaw or have them frozen (I like them frozen for texture)

Pour over the coconut cream, coconut, and nuts

Eat with relish

Alternatively, you can drink this. You can throw the lot in a blender, add some extra coconut water and chia seeds.   Finish up with two boiled eggs, or take them to work with you.

Quinoa or Steel Cut Oats Porridge

Autumn is here any second now, and this is so nourishing.

This is good for carbs, protein, and healthy fats. It keeps you full all morning.


Two cups of soaked and cooked quinoa (put excess aside for next day)

Or two cups of soaked Steel Cut Oats

Almond milk or coconut milk

I tbsp. of unrefined coconut oil

Stevia, maple syrup, or honey

Toasted walnuts, sesame seeds, or pumpkin kernels

Coconut flakes


The night before: Soak in the grains in water (add I tbsp of vinegar for added enzymes) for one hour. Cook the quinoa or oats, refrigerate. Soaking pulls out toxins that make the grains hard to digest.

In the morning, add the prepared grains to a saucepan with the desired amount of almond milk or coconut milk

Cook through on medium heat for 5-7 minutes.

Meanwhile, toast the walnuts and seeds

Add all ingredients to a steaming bowl of porridge.



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