Hello again.  In this post, I outline 14 tips for repairing and building the health of your gut.  My wish for all women is that in 2015 you decide to get into gut health. This is the pathway to super health, and with great gut health you will ward off disease and stay very healthy.

Gut health is becoming quite trendy with all the fermented foods on the market, probiotics, and bone broths taking off. The important thing to note is that taking probiotics and fermented foods at the start of a gut healing process won’t help greatly, especially if you have a toxic gut with high levels of Candida and other pathogens in there.

14 tips for preparing and undertaking a gut healing program.

  1. If you suspect something is up:  see ‘Go For Gut Health in 2015: Part 2’, for the list of clues that tell you have crossed a threshold in your gut and need to heal it.
  2. Consider having a full panel of tests done.  Test for Candida, worms, and parasites (stool test), liver, kidney and heart health, vitamin D and B’s, and even for your thyroid health and any other other tests that your doctor might recommend. Tests are an excellent place to start, and Medicare will cover many of them.
  3.  If there is something in the tests talk to your doctor.  Consider seeing a health coach who works with digestive health to help you deal with any digestive issues. Working with both your doctor and a health coach, or another practitioner is a good practice to ensure you are well supported.  If you have Candida it is likely that you will have leaky gut and will need specific supplements to help you recover.
  4. Keep a food/ mood journal for five days to check for gluten and dairy sensitivity. There are others ones such as eggs, but these two are the most common. If you eat wheat or dairy products and feel low in energy after eating, this journal will show that there is a relationship.
  5. Run an experiment, by removing gluten and/or dairy for a couple of weeks. This is time enough for your energy and vitally to come back. If it does, then it is up to you to make choices to exclude, or greatly reduce these substances from your diet. In many cases, once your gut is healed you can go back eating these, but it is best to keep at least gluten out.  For more information on gluten see:  http://thedr.com/category/all-about-gluten/
  6. Consider doing a chicken or beef bone broth fast for 2-4 days. You can eat steamed veggies as well. Google the value of bone broth. It is remarkable for the body in many ways. You can make the broth yourself. It is a bit of work but worth it, or you can buy 100% organic bone broth from brothfoflife.com.au
  7. Eat mostly whole foods (foods that nature produces without additives) such as 50% vegetables especially green ones, 25% protein, and 25% complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and quinoa. Try to remove white carbohydrates from your diet.
  8. Cook with unrefined coconut oil and use extra virgin olive oil on your salads.
  9. Reduce sugar to not more than 4 teaspoons a day. Better still purchase some Stevia drops and use this instead.
  10. Limit your fruit intake to low fructose fruits such as berries, kiwi fruit, and green apples, and have no more than 2-3 pieces a day.
  11. Drink plenty of clean water, cut down on coffee and alcohol. Drink a glass of pure coconut water each day that is free from any added sugar or preservatives.
  12. Exercise for at least 30 minutes 3-5 days per week. Walking is excellent for your health.
  13. Get plenty of rest and sleep. Relax more, and consider meditation and yoga.
  14. Once you have done any repair work,  get another panel of tests to ensure the outcome.

All of this might seem overwhelming to you right now. That’s ok. The knowledge is there for you to digest, and consider. See my 7 top mistakes in Part 2 of this series of articles, to see where you are at with acknowledging you’re your health issues.

I know it is more fun to check out the latest smoothie recipe, or trend in healthy eating, but none of that is going to repair your gut if you have pathogens and are not very well. Taking action with medical doctors, and a well-trusted practitioner is going to help you get back on top.

All the best with your Gut health in 2015.



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