Lately, I have found that my brain’s inbox is overflowing.  There is just too much going on in my brain. I suspect it is from too much browsing stimulation – too many facts, opinions, and stuff, all coming from a plethora of experts. It is so hard to avoid this happening if you love the vast knowledge the internet provides.

Its time to tone down the external stimulation, draw my energy in, and know that my body is the expert, and all I have to do is tune into it.

Just yesterday, I went back in time to when I felt my happiest, most inspired, and energised. I asked myself: “ What was I doing then? How old was I? and how did I feel?

I remembered feeling lighter, less burdened with tasks and lists. I spent a lot of time in nature walking, or on the beach.  Every moment was fully occupied with doing, learning and valuing all the experiences I was having. I didn’t over think things, and I had more fun.

So here are a few short tips that I find really useful when I have lost my internal compass through doing too much, taking in too much, and clogging up my brain. 

Walking in Nature

Walk around in a natural setting a couple of times a day with your shoes off.  It could be in your backyard, a park nearby your work, or your nature strip. Just do it, but barefoot is essential. Putting your feet firmly on the earth will ground you, and re-energise you with earth ions. It’s subtle but real. Try it on.

Look at the night sky

Every day we are either dealing with other peoples problems or our own. It’s pretty complex out there and there is a lot of cross energy flying around from the sheer number of people, and their devices. It’s super busy, and our attention is constantly divided.

Before bed, step outside your front door. Find the moon and night sky and just be with it. Feel the night breeze and just hang out for a minute by yourself.

Take no electronic devices to your bedroom.  Keep all devices away from your bedroom at night. Their frequency interferes with our ability to sleep well.

Write down three things

Before you go to sleep, write down three things in a notebook that worked out well that day. Keep it short and simple, but do it. You will go to sleep with the sense of appreciation for what happened that was good, instead of a bunch of stuff you didn’t get down that day.

That’s it. No more tips right now. Try even one of these, and when you do, your body will ever so quietly thank you, and your life will get just a little bit clearer and more grounded.

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