Almost every day I tell myself – “The next 50 years will be the healthiest, and best years of my life’.  This idea comes from something very simple that a wise woman once said to me.

In the late 90’s I went on a pilgrimage to the Canadian Arctic.  It was summer, and I found myself in a far-flung town on the tip of the Arctic landmass called Inuvik. The Arctic is a wild and mysterious place – dark and frozen all winter, and bathed in daylight for 24 hours during summer.  

Stories that move us 

The most memorable part of my journey was to meet a wise Inuit Elder who would teach me something that would change the course of my life.  To get to meet her I had to travel by boat along an isolated river, where huge golden eagles circled above me looking for fish to pluck from the river.

After about an hour, my guide stopped at a smokehouse along the river where I finally met the woman who would change my life. After a quick chat, she went back to smoking her salmon for winter storage. I sat watching and listening, while she told me fantastic stories about life in the Arctic. I was truly amazed and asked her how people could live in such isolation and extreme conditions. Then she told me something I would never forget.  In a croaky small voice, she said:  ‘We survive in the harshest of conditions because we are fascinated with ourselves’. 

This idea was like an arrow that hits its target, and it has stayed with me all these years.  I have adopted it as a motivator, and recently I have expanded it to mean ‘thrive’.  

What does it mean to be fascinated with ourselves?

It doesn’t mean to be narcissistic. For me, it means to be so intrigued by your potential and what you can do with it, that you are compelled to act.  It could also be about seeing yourself as a mystery that can be unfolded into the world.

Using self-fascination to achieve a healthy life

How could you use this idea of ‘self-fascination’ to help you to achieve long-lasting health in a simple and easy way?

You could:

  •  Think about what this idea might mean to you
  •  Make a decision to look after your body and mind for the rest of your life
  • Make sleep, nutrition, exercise, and a healthy mental attitude the foundations that power your life
  • Find the courage to do the things you really enjoy
  • Look after your emotional, and spiritual health – say yes to good relationships, and no to unsupportive relationships
  • Follow that little internal voice that speaks to you about your capability and goodness, and ignore the other loud voice that repeatedly says you are not good enough.

 When you become fascinated with your life and yourself, you become younger in your attitude, and you begin to see new possibilities as a reality, instead of just a dream. 


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