Towards a healthier, more balanced life

Amanda Bigelow

I’m Amanda Bigelow, Food as Medicine Practitioner, Graduate of Full Body Systems, and Certified Nutrition Health Coach. I am also a published author of the book "Powered by Health" , the high achieving woman’s guide to health, vitality, and a new life of possibilities. I work with the Medical Medium®️ information and have done so since 2015. I help women, men, and children to recover from chronic illnesses. I live and work in Townsville and throughout Australia and other countries.

My journey into finding the Medical Medium® information

In 2008 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. For years I went to doctors who gave me drugs to control my autoimmune disease.  They only helped me to manage my health for many years whilst I continued to struggle with energy, confidence, and the ability to move forward in my life.

In 2015 I found the Medical Medium®️ information, and was amazed at how food could enable one to recover from diseases using specific foods, herbs, and supplements.  I decided to give up my steroid drugs in favour of working with the Medical Medium®️ knowledge and I began my journey to heal my body.  I healed using this knowledge over 18 months and I gave up my steroid drugs completely.

During this time, I became a member of a practitioner group established by the Medical Medium®️.  He helped us all with more information to add to our health practices.  

Today I offer people help for individual consultations, two online courses, and a small group healing program. 

The three most important ingredients I use in my practice is professional training, lived understanding, and compassion.

Amanda Bigelow

3 programmes tailored to your needs

My programs include a free short consultation for 20 minutes for me to understand your health problems via phone, zoom or email 

Online courses

A powerful online cleanse that is great for improving health and supporting a strong immune system.

A liver and adrenal health online course that renews energy and helps the whole body to recover. 

Online consultations

Book a free short consultation for 20 minutes for understand your health problems, via zoom

In addition to my healing work, I help people to build stronger local communities whether it be through growing food and sharing it with neighbors or helping people to develop a renewed sense of community and local support. Life is changing for us all, and it's time to become more resilient. People are coming to understand that we need healthy bodies, and a healthy planet if we are to thrive.
Amanda Bigelow

My greatest achievements

1. Recovering from disease using food, herbs, and supplements.

2. Supporting women, men, and children of all ages, with chronic illnesses including: All digestive conditions, all liver conditions, autoimmune diseases, neurological conditions, chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, Streptococcus infections, adrenal issues, weight gain, diabetes and many other health conditions.