Free Health Review

Start with a free 35-minute session where you discover your single biggest block to optimal health, and learn some easy ways to improve your health.

What's more important than your health?

Your body is amazing, and it knows how to heal. Nurture it with specific foods that are medicine and it will heal.

Free Health Review

Start with a free 35-minute session where you discover your single biggest block to optimal health, and learn some easy ways to improve your health.

Are you suffering from an autoimmune or other disease? Is your energy low and you don’t know why? Or have you gained weight without a clear reason? 
If this is you or something similar, it’s time to create a healing relationship with your body and mind. Now the body and mind can heal, and so can your entire life. I can help you to heal from the true cause, not the symptoms.  Just getting clarity is 50% of the healing. Get started today with a free and confidential health review with me. 

Hello, I'm Amanda!

I work with mostly women  who have chronic health conditions. I help them to:

I work in very practical, step-by-step ways, that are transformational. Women and men who work with me develop the ability to know, trust, and act on what is right for their health and their lives.

Are you ready to heal and adopt nutrition that nourishes your body?

How would you feel if you had abundant energy every day?

The Bring Back Your Energy Course focuses on:

All the causes of low energy, and other mystery illnesses in the body

How to get your energy back

Practical steps and specific foods for your body and emotions, and

How to create greater health now and for the long term.


Powered by Health will help you  consider both your physical and emotional health, and your lifestyle.  You will learn how to:

Download the first chapter of Powered by Health.

Take my FREE quiz to get a look at your general health status, and learn about what might be going on.

Frequently Asked Questions

I specialise in supporting women and men to heal chronic illnesses such as autoimmune diseases like Thyroid, R.A, Fibromyalgia, and others. I also work with neurological conditions such as MS, and other mysterious conditions. I specialise in the whole digestive system with a strong emphasis on the liver as this is the seat of where many health conditions arise.

I am also an educator who teaches how to develop your own sacred relationship with your body and mind, as well as how to increase your intuition about what makes you thrive.

Other important details of my work are to:

  • support you to reach your health goals
  • provide you with health recommendations, information, recipes, tips, and advice
  • be there for you when you need me or need questions answered.

Finally, I work with you to shift emotional habits that can develop from being unwell. For example:

  • Renew your self confidence
  • develop clarity of mind
  • gain happiness and a lighter heart.

Our bodies are amazing and know how to heal when given the right foods, herbs and supplements. I often work alongside any medical practitioners and their treatments. True healing takes time. For example: if you have been sick for 10 or more years it can take around 12 or more months to heal. Of course this depends on how you dedicated you are to the healing journey, and how many longterm conditions you have. 

There are a few reasons I can think of.

1. Many practitioners don’t act as detectives. I find the root cause of problems. This is enormously helpful as you finally get clarity which happens to be 50% of the healing. Imagine that. With knowledge we can work with specific nutrition, herbs and supplements to work on your conditions. 

2. I have experienced many serious health conditions myself in the past and over several years. I have developed a level of compassion and understanding about the healing journey – how to cope and understand what is going on with the healing process. Through my own journey I have found some important secrets to coping and even thriving through the healing journey.

3. When people join me in one of my programs:, I am there for you when ever you need me, whether it be for physical or emotional support, answers to questions, or just help to stay on track.

For more information check out my testimonial page to learn  how I support people to get results.

I am glad that I found Amanda

It’s clear that Amanda truly cared and wanted my health to improve. She shared her knowledge and wisdom and I learnt new ways in improving my health which I have implemented to my daily routine. She generously shared her resources such as what foods to eat for my symptoms and delicious recipes which have also helped. I am glad that I found Amanda.

Maria Sutera

Amanda Bigelow’s caring and holistic approach to health is easy to understand

I was introduced to Amanda’s work by a friend who had worked with, and recommended her. 


From our first session I knew I could trust Amanda to help me address areas in my life that needed attention. She suggested supplements and beneficial foods to help restore my health and various lifestyle changes. Her caring and holistic approach to health offered an easy to understand way of how to nurture myself on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  Her book, ‘Powered by Health’ also laid out guidelines on how to achieve this.

I finished our time together having gained much needed weight, feeling clearer, more confident, and optimistic with the information and tools I have to continue my healing journey. 


Thank you Amanda!

Jenny Fyfe-Smith

She was always there for me between our sessions

Amanda is a highly skilled, experienced, informed, and intuitive professional who is warm and friendly.  She supported and encouraged me at every step; providing targeted information and answering all my questions. 

I gained greater health and wellness, energy, confidence and have been able to resume work.  I feel that I could not have reached this level by myself. Amanda coached me through all the difficult times. Thank you Amanda. 

I recommend Amanda to anyone who needs help with healing chronic health conditions. 

She was always there for me between our sessions.

Anni Reynolds


I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone suffering ill health

“I found Amanda online whilst researching health coaches and functional medicine, then I bought her book. I was recovering from severe burnout from years of stress, and her book made a lot of sense to me. I then reached out for complimentary session with her. 


Amanda has a lot of knowledge in the areas I wanted assistance in, and I loved her approach of 'food is medicine’. 


Amanda, taught me to listen to my body, and she solved health issues that had plagued me for three years that no doctors could solve. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone suffering ill health, or wanting to learn how to live a healthy and happier lifestyle."

Naomi Blacker


Amanda helped me to heal myself from a serious neurological illness

Amanda helped me to heal myself from a serious neurological illness and several other serious health conditions. 


After only three months, many of my symptoms have gone including tingling, numbness, and weakness in my left arm and leg.  After losing my vision for a time it has completely returned to both eyes.  My digestive system is returning to normal, and I have started to lose weight. 


Thanks for all your professional and compassionate caring of me.  I don’t have the words to adequately express my appreciation.

Susan Vidler

Amanda Has Given Me a Whole New Happy and Healthy Lifestyle.

Amanda embraces one’s health in every aspect of one’s life, the body, the mind and the spirit. Since working with Amanda I have not only achieved my physical goals & developed a lifestyle that maintains it, we have worked on the emotional issues and I have discovered spiritual peace. Amanda’s passion for a healthy lifestyle is thorough and infectious and has enriched me with a whole new delicious, happy, healthy lifestyle.

Bloss Hickson

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Amanda Has Been Totally Committed to Helping Me to Get the Results I Want.

I wanted to lose weight, have more energy and get rid of feeling bloated. Amanda dug in deep to find the cause of my health concerns, and this helped me to know what was really going on. She got me going with a specific program that would address my issues. I have my energy back, have lost some weight and feel completely supported and guided in decisions about my health. Amanda has been totally committed to helping me to get the results I want. I recommend Amanda if you feel overwhelmed and deflated by ongoing health concerns.


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Amanda Helped Me Get My Energy Back.

Amanda helped me to get my energy back, develop better eating habits, and release negative thinking patterns. Amanda is a very skilled coach who totally supported me, and held me accountable for making big changes. She was patient with me whenever I went forward and then backward again. Amanda was very warm, approachable and understanding, yet very focused, smart and logical in her approach to solving problems with me.

If you want someone who can build a bridge from where you are to where you dream of being, Amanda is that person

Gundula Rhoades

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Amanda Has Helped Me Sleep Again.

I was having trouble getting to sleep most nights, and I was lying awake for hours thinking too much. Amanda worked out how to help me and explained why it was happening. She gave me a simple nutritional solution, and now I go to sleep within minutes and sleep soundly without tossing and turning. Thank you, Amanda.

Alexandra Lindsay

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I Can’t Thank Amanda Enough For All Her Help and Inspiration.

In 2016 I reached out to Amanda after reading her book as I felt inspired to finally do something about my health. At the time my health was not good and Amanda gave me hope with her gentle guidance and caring nature.

After working with Amanda for more than 12 months I can say that my health has improved so much, and my confidence and knowledge has grown also.

This has empowered me to take control of my health and know that there are things I can do to help myself. I must admit there were times in my “poor me health fog” I thought it would never get better but Amanda was always there by email or Skype to put my fears to rest and encourage me to continue my journey.

I am so glad I had the opportunity to work with Amanda and I can’t thank her enough for all her help and inspiration. I would encourage anyone who is feeling lost in their health journey to get in touch with Amanda.

Hazel Courtney

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Amanda Helped Me Heal Myself

Amanda helped me to heal myself from a serious neurological illness, to lose weight, and to make life-changing choices with food in order to live a long and healthy life.

She helped me with specific foods to consume, foods to avoid, and what supplements and herbs to take.

After only three months, many of my symptoms have gone including tingling, numbness, and weakness in my left arm and leg. After losing my vision for a time it has completely returned to both eyes. My digestive system is returning to normal, and I have started to lose weight.

Amanda answered all my questions whenever I needed her, and she reassured me when I struggled to see the benefits of what I was doing.

I absolutely recommend Amanda to all newbies to this healing way of life.

I don’t have the words to adequately express my appreciation for you, Amanda.

Thanks for all your professional and compassionate caring for me. You got me a long way down the path I needed to take.

Susan Vidler

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I Feel Fitter and Healthier.

I recently completed a 6-month “Health Transformation” through Health Coaching with Amanda Bigelow. Amanda’s advice and coaching proved extremely easy to follow and stick to, with a lot of advice centered around making small but lasting changes.

I feel fitter and healthier overall, but more importantly, I feel like I’m at the start of life-long health journey, rather than a mere 12 week “fix”.

Al Morris

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Amanda’s Book Does Not Leave My Bedside Table.

I was drawn to health coaching because I wanted a different perspective on how to deal with my eating habits and my stress levels. Being able to trust the process and feel safe within it was really important to me. From day one I could open up on all levels as the trust was there between Amanda and I, as a result, I felt totally supported the whole way through the program. Working with Amanda has enabled me to make decisions and take actions that are truly life-changing.

PS: Amanda’s book does not leave my bedside table.

Jody Thomsen

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Amanda Has Been Supportive Throughout and Also Kept Me Motivated!

I have absolutely loved working with Amanda over the past 3 months.

In the beginning, I went in with a general goal to 5kg and improve my health.

What I didn’t expect, but has been the biggest win for me, was so much discovery about my health and well being and what’s going on! Amanda has been supportive throughout and also kept me motivated!I am already seeing some huge gains in the short time I have been working with her. I have lost 2.5kg and I also have my sense of smell back and reduced my asthma drastically. I am really looking forward to what the next few months hold.

Michelle Johansson

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I Have Managed to Lose Weight and More Importantly, My Stress Levels Have Significantly Reduced.

Amanda has helped me to overhaul my behaviours when it comes to my health. In two months I have not just changed my diet, I have changed my attitude toward food. The benefits have been incredible; I have managed to lose weight and more importantly, my stress levels have significantly reduced, I am sleeping more soundly and am more alert during the day. I have no doubt, the benefit of the knowledge Amanda has given me about health and nutrition will help me live a long and happy life.

Michelle Degenhardt

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