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Amanda Bigelow

Hi, I'm Amanda, your guide to natural health and holistic wellbeing. I'm passionate about helping you achieve optimal balance through personalised approaches and natural methods. Together, we'll explore the benefits of natural remedies, healthy eating and balanced lifestyle practices to cultivate lasting health. I look forward to accompanying you on your journey to renewed vitality.

In 2008, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. For years I was locked into the medical system, taking medication to control my autoimmune disease. In this way I could only manage my health and for many years I continued to struggle with energy, confidence and the ability to move forward in my life. In 2015, I discovered the book Medical Medium and the information Medical Medium, and was amazed at how diet could heal illnesses using specific foods, herbs and supplements. I decided to abandon my steroid-based medications in favour of working with the knowledge of Medical Mediums and began my journey to heal my body. I healed by following this knowledge for 18 months and completely gave up my steroid medication.
Amanda Bigelow

3 programmes tailored to your needs

Online courses

Vous aimeriez consulter un  naturopathe qualifié  sans avoir à vous déplacer ? C’est désormais possible ! 

En tant que medical nutrition practitioner, Full Body Systems graduate and certified nutrition and health coach, je vous accompagne directement depuis votre salon grâce à mes  consultations en ligne . Prenez  rendez-vous en quelques clics,  et laissez-vous guider pour prendre soin ensemble de votre santé.

Online naturopathic consultations

An ally for your health

Life is changing for all of us, and we need to grow and evolve in a new and different world. We also need to become more resilient. More and more people understand that we need a healthy body and a healthy planet to thrive. In my opinion, this is all part of the new era we are living in today.
Amanda Bigelow

My greatest achievements

Recovering from disease using food, herbs, and supplements Supporting women, men, and children of all ages, with chronic illnesses including: All digestive conditions, all liver conditions, autoimmune diseases, neurological conditions, chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, streptococcus infections, adrenal issues, weight gain, diabetes and almost all health conditions.

Where to find me

Find out how naturopathy can help you regain your balance and optimise your vitality. Make an appointment now and take control of your health naturally and sustainably.


20 Armstrong st, Hermit Park 4812 – QLD Australia